How Beards & Bellas builds community and promotes economic empowerment and equity.

Why Beards & Bellas

Beards & Bellas Hair Care Cover Image. All natural, nontoxic, healthy hair care products that promote growth, fullness, shine, and reduces breakage.Beards & Bellas is a black-owned beauty, grooming, and wellness retail provider looking to meet the increasing demand of more visibility and access to black owned brands and artisans in stores. We want to support other minority owned enterprises to show solidarity and help foster economic growth while providing highly personalized, gender-inclusive, and interactive shopping experiences.

Here's three pain points that Beards & Bellas addresses 

RepresentationBlack beauty brands comprise less than 3% of all beauty revenues in a billion dollar global industry. You can see why products targeted towards men and women of color would be relegated to tiny sections or obscure corners of big-box stores or the brands are only front and center once a year during black history month. We exist year round and deserve to have shopping experiences where we're fully represented and celebrated not reduced to a theme.                                                                       

AccessibilityMany black neighborhoods are in 'consumer deserts' meaning we have fewer options and have to travel further to find quality products than our white counterparts. With our plans to mobilize the business, we will be able to expand our reach as well as the reach of the brands we support and feature.

Poor User Experience: People struggle to find suitable products for black skin and hair. Most retailers still relegate specialty products to small sections in low quantities and some even lock the products in a case causing poor shopping experiences.

Beards & Bellas takes the utmost pride in the quality of all of our products and guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase and shopping experience. Shopping with us also means helping to support a business that is dedicated to promoting economic equity by supporting other minority owned businesses and passionate about providing clean beauty products and services to its customers. So don’t wait, shop Beards & Bellas today and get the clean beauty, vegan, cruelty free, nontoxic and quality products you deserve!

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