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Beards & Bellas is a clean beauty, grooming, and wellness retail provider looking to make waves in the industry and meet the increasing demand of more visibility and access to black owned brands and artisans in stores.We want to support other minority owned enterprises to show solidarity and help foster economic growth while providing highly personalized, gender-inclusive, and interactive shopping experiences.


The black community has been grossly underserved and underrepresented as the #1 consumer in a 19.7 billion dollar industry for far too long and Beards & Bellas is here to be part of the change we all want to see. We want to build a community and marketplace for minority business enterprises while providing customers access to the most sought after products.


To provide a comfortable and personalized shopping experience, such that is hard to experience in the beauty industry for minorities.

Foster economic growth and work to narrow the racial equity gap by supporting other minority owned enterprises.

Achieve 5-Star customer ratings with our highly trained beauty consultants and stylist, clean products, and the ambience which our retail location(s) has to offer.


Are you looking to get your products on shelves? Do you manufacture amazing  products made with clean ingredients and love? If your answer is yes, then, we're looking for you! Natural hair care, skin care systems, sun protection, children's bath & body, fragrances, candles, handcrafted soaps, intimate care items, etc. Contact us here or send your business info and/or samples to the address below. 

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847-305-3565 | hello@beardsandbellas.com

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